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Everything you need to know how you can contribute.

How Can You Help an Animal in Danger?

If you get to see an animal injured in a road accident or is very sick, you should find a veterinary physician in the neighborhood.

As a next step, organize an auto-rickshaw for smaller animals such as dogs, cats and a LCV truck for larger animals such as cows, donkeys and other large animals. After covering the eyes and the mouth of the animal with piece of cloth such as old towel, bed-sheet or even a gunny bag, transfer the animal into the vehicle, with the help of locals at the site.

Once you have reached the Vet clinic, seek help from their assistants to take the animal into the clinic for treatment.

How can you Help a Wild Animal that has Strayed into Your City?

If you get to see a wild animal like a leopard, fox, neelgai (large Indian antelope) or a snake that may have strayed into the city, please contact us for help.

We could help rescue and save the animal. You call us and give the exact location, along with name and phone number of the person with whom our NGO could coordinate, to reach the spot.

While we are in the process of sending help, you should talk to the key people in the crowd/gathering and make sure that they do not scare, harm or kill the animal.

How Can You Help an Animal Being Abused?

When you see an animal being abused, please collect as much evidence as possible by way of photographs, along with name, address and phone number of the person who is abusing the animal.

With this information, you should approach the nearest police station and file a (FIR) under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

You could also inform NGOs about this FIR and get them involved too. Keep a copy of the FIR with you and follow up with the police station on the weekly basis, until the perpetrator has been taken to task by the police.

How Can You Protect a Wild Animal that May be Harmed or Killed by People?

If you happen to be around/ witness an angry group that is out to harm or kill a wild animal, you can (at least) try to save that animal by doing the following:

  • You can talk to the key people in the crowd gathered, explain to them that killing the animal would be a criminal act and that the persons involved could be arrested and sent to jail under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.
  • You could further assure them that the animal would be removed and be sent either to the zoo or be released in the jungle. In order to get help to do that, you could then contact us by clicking here.