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The membership of the Society is open to any person who attained 18 year of age and have subscribed to the aims and objects of the Society subject to the approval of the Governing Body. The decision of the Governing Body in this regard shall be final and binding.


Admission Fee & Subscription

The admission fee and the subscription shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the Governing Body of the Society:


a) Admission Fee Rs. 100/- at the time of admission.

b) Subscription Rs.500/- per year.


Termination of Membership

 The Governing Body of the Society shall have the powers to expel/terminate a member and/or members, from the membership of the above society, on the following grounds:


a) On death.

b) On written resignation.

c) If found guilty by means ofanti propaganda of the aims and objects of the Society.

d) If adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offender.

e) If found to be involved in any anti-social activities.

f) If fails to pay the subscription or contribution for consecutive two years.

g) If disregards Rules and Regulations or decisions of the Governing Body.


NOTE:- The decision of the Governing Body regarding the termination from the membership of the society shall be communicated to the member concerned.


The Governing Body may, according to such terms and conditions as it shall decide from time to time, admit as PATRONS those persons who are likely to help in furthering the objects and cause of the society either through their professional knowledge, experience and/or through financial assistance.



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