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The Aims and Objects of the Society are as under:-

  • To carry out research and promote awareness on wild life and environment
  • To organize annual nature, field camps and conservation exhibition and photo contest on wild life and environment.
  • To organize seminars, campaign and talks to promote awareness, and to fight against wild life trade.
  • To promote awareness and conduct training in natural history and natural resources and work for sustainable management and carry out projects leading to restoration of degraded echo system.
  • To educate the students and community on the importance of environmental conservation and encourage them to come up with ways of protecting the mother earth.
  • To protect the environment, promotion of afforestation on waste lands, conservation of natural resources including water resources, tree plantation and reforestation etc.
  • To help the industries, Pollution Control Board, local bodies, government agencies for effecting implementation of pollution control programmes through training and research.
  •  To curb wild life crime by anti-poaching and anti-illegal trade activities, to ensure that national and international policies affecting wild life and its habitats are in consonance with their survival needs.
  • To protect the forest environment, species of animals, birds, wild life, lakes, rivers and other natural gifts helping to support the preservation of environment to improve the environment.
  •   To do any act(s), take any step(s) which could help in the attainment/ furtherance of any object(s) of the Society.
  •   To arrange and organize environment protection programmes / activities.
  •  To carry on charitable activities namely, as defined in Section 2(15) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and amendment thereof from time to time.
  •   To apply the income of the society to Public Charitable purpose.
  •   To collect and spend funds for the aims and objects of the society.
  •  To do generally all other acts and things as may deem to the society convenient and /or conducive to the carrying out of the aims and objects of the society.
  • To get the registration of the society under Income Tax Act and Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act etc. with the appropriate departments of Central Government for seeking exemptions/benefits available to society.
  • To open appropriate bank accounts as may be convenient from time to time such as SB Account, Current A/c, Fixed Deposit A/c., Short Term deposit A/c., Locker A/c. for safe deposit with Bank etc. as per resolution of the Governing Body of Society.

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